Mancora, Peru


Mancora, Peru

Mancora is situated in the country of Peru, and it is a resort town in the Piura Region as well as on the northwest coast. Further, it is located in the Talara Province and also the capital of the Mancora district. Mancora is famous for its sandy beach, where giant waves attract surfers and turquoise beaches, and sound waves, making it a surfing destination. Mancora’s main street is served by the Pan American Highway. It has over 30 different beach resorts where most of the tourists attract from all over South America.
The official language here is Spanish, and co-official languages are Quechua Aymara and other indigenous languages. The currency used in Peru is the Peruvian Sol. Most of the people are Roman Catholicism people.Mancora, Peru

To get to Mancora in Peru, first, you have to fly to the main International airport in Lima, then take a domestic flight to Talara, Piura, or Tumbes cities near Mancora. The capital of Peru is Lima, and the distance between Lima and Mancora is 987 kilometers. The total population here is 10,547, and the highest elevation is 3 meters from sea level. In Mancora district Las Pocitas and Vichayito beaches are calmer and the restaurants and cafes are line the main street, Avenida Piura. All the bars in town have beautiful night lives scenes, and there can be seen La Poza de Barro hot springs and mud baths that lie southeast in the city. Sometimes some migrating whales visit the waters offshore also can be seen in Mancora.
Safe wise Mancora is the safest city but is struggling with two apparent problems such as mass tourism and unresolved crime. The city’s safety is highly recommended by guidebooks such as Lonely Planet and Fodor.

Though Mancora is a small town, it has a large proportion of restaurants and nightclubs. All the nearby beaches are connected by a road. Most of the visitors arriving here by bus, private car or plane from the main airports of Talara or Tumbes. Since 2020 June, It has had a new privately-owned airport called Walter Brandt Segu airport, 3 kilometers away from Mancora.

The main sports here are Surfing and Kite surfing. It has a lovely bay for surfing, and it has excellent winds for kite surfing. In Peruvian summertime, there can be seen most of the people visiting here for these two activities. There are some visiting places in Mancora such as Beach, and Townhall.
In health-wise, there is a health center situated in Minsa and the Consultorio Medico Flores, Avenida Grau 184, which has been operating since 1990 January and is a graduate of the UNMSM in Lima.



Mancora is having a tropical dry climate with ocean water Mancora, Perutemperature averaging around 24 Celsius degrees. Throughout the year, the beach location is favored by two ocean currents namely, the cold Humboldt current (14-19 degrees Celsius) and the warm Nino current (21-27 degrees Celsius). In summers Mancora is very hot and the summer months are from December to April. Rain is happening during nights and the rest of the year is dry, breezy, and sunny). In winter and spring, the temperature is never going down below 25 degrees Celsius and night temperatures drop to 17 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the best time to visit Mancora is throughout the year, because it is having a pleasantly warm temperature where it is bearable for everyone.

Nightlifemancora peru

Mancora, Peru, has the best nightlife in the world. Most of the people, after surfing and relaxing on the beach, usually visit Mancora for partying. There are a lot of options to start the night with drinks, and some places are advising about Mancora nightlife, including where to party, safety, and other practical matters. There are five main places where people can do the best nightlife in Mancora, namely Sunset drinks, Loki Mancora, The point beach hostel, beach bars, and Mancora Nightlife practical. Though Mancora is a small town, it has a large proportion of restaurants and nightclubs. Comparing the other cities in Peru, Mancora restaurants and bars have low-cost foods and drinks. The cost of Partying is worthful here. There is no particular dress code for partying as well. There are many places to watch the sunset with drinks; some areas are having cocktails, some places are having dance till the late hours. Overall, Mancora city is safe at night, and people can enjoy their lives even at night till dawn.


Tourism-wise, the most tourist attraction in Mancora is surfing. Among all the beaches in the Mancora area, the well-known beach is Ias Pocitas where it is perfect for relaxing, surfing, and other fun beach activities. Mancora is currently booming as a large influx of tourists, and in 2005 there had been 340,000 tourists record. There are some city tour packages organized in Mancora for visitors such as Total adventure Mancora & the sea turtles, Punta Sal plus Mangroves of Tumbes, The Natural Paradise of Piura and Tumbes, Discover the treasures of the North, Beach tour of Zorritos plus Punta Sal plus Mancora. Along with the nightlife, tours, entertainments, surfing, other activities which Mancora is having, most visitors will be arriving in Mancora yearly to develop tourism in Peru.

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