Phuket, Thailand


Phuket, Thai

Phuket Thai – Thailand’s largest island is Phuket and situated in the Andaman Sea along with the most popular beaches and clear waters. On the other hand, it is a rainforested, mountainous island. The population of Phuket Island is 416,582 and the land area is 543km x km. The Phuket province consists of Thirty Two smaller islands and the largest island is Phuket on its coast. Phuket Island lies beforehand on the west coast of Thai on the Andaman Sea and is hooked up by using the Sarasin Bridge to “Phang Nga” to the north. The Krabi island is the nearest island to Phuket and it is east across Phang Nga Bay.  There are many reasons where Phuket is famous around the world. It has Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi Islands, Big Buddha Phuket, Similan Islands, Phuket night markets, Island hopping around Phuket, Best beaches, and Wat Chalong and Phuket temples. Phuket, ThailandIn safe wise Phuket is a normally safe place but sometimes harmful situations can be seen. Comparing to South East Asia, Phuket is a very expensive city for visitors. Their hotels and resorts, making a lot of money for the city as the main income. But when people go to Phuket they should adhere to some rules such as Do not disrespect the Royal Family, Do not wear shoes in a temple, Do not visit temples with short clothes, Do not touch a monk, Do not point the feet at someone, etc.

Phuket Thai weather

Since Phuket is in a tropical area it has a monsoon climate and is warm throughout the year. From April to May Phuket weather is very hot and the temperature is around 27C to 36C. Along with the humidity, these months become hotter. From September to October, it has the monsoon season, but within this time it is wet and very hot.  December is the best weather period for Phuket and the busiest time with tourists as from November to February it has mostly sunny and dry weather where people can spend the time even on the beach. Therefore the best period to visit Phuket is from November to February.

Phuket Beach

Phuket beaches are very famous all over the world. It has the most beautiful beaches with crystal clear seawater, a comfortable gentle breeze, blue lagoons, and white and soft sands. Altogether there are 30 beaches available in the Phuket area. Phuket, ThailandSome of them are categorized as good for kids and families, good for couples, good for groups, and good for travelers for their budget. Among these beaches, there are 10 best beaches to stay such as Patong beach, Kata Noi beach, Nai Harn beach, Karon beach, etc. Also, there are eight most beautiful beaches are in Phuket namely Mai Khao beach, Kata beach,

Rawai beach, Surin beach, Patong beach, Kamala beach, Bangtao beach, and Karon beach. There are most docile and placid sharks that also can be seen on these beaches. Phuket beaches are the better places to fall in love with sharks and there is some teddy bear-like Leopard shark and graceful Whale shark also available in these seas.

Among these beaches, there are some kids and family friend beaches are available such as Banana Beach, Nai ham beach, Kata Noi beach, Bang Tao beach, etc. Also, the best beaches for couples are Patong beach, Phuket, ThailandBang Tao beach, Kata Noi beach, etc. The most romantic beaches are in Phuket namely Nai Ham beach, Kata Noi beach, Bang Tao beach, Nai Thon Beach, and Ao Sane beach. Besides all these beaches, some beaches are arranging adventure activities and some of them are Tri Tang beach, Paradise beach, Leam Singh beach, etc.

Phuket Thai Nightlife

When we talk about the nightlife in Phuket, the heart of the Phuket nightlife in Patong. It is situated on the west side of Phuket and there are many nightlife hotspots available for tourists. There are many places in Phuket where having the best nightlife such as Sightseeing in Phuket, Thrilling Thai Tours, The Hole, Easy Day Thailand, etc. Bars, massage centers, and restaurants have opened until 4.00 am and people can do some shopping at night markets in Phuket. Two hours typical massage is around 300-500 baht, 50 minutes foot massage is around 400 baht, but on the beach, these two massages are around 300 baht altogether where hotel massages are very expensive. There are some places where they provide the best nightlife for kids and families, some of them are Halfway Inn, The Tavern, and Mojito with Love Kata beach.

Flights to Phuket

Phuket’s main airport is Phuket International Airport and it is situated in the north of Phuket island and 32 kilometers away from the center of Phuket city. This is the third busiest airport in Thailand other than Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Don Mueang International Airport. There are many international airlines from different destinations that are reaching Phuket International Airport daily. Some of the major flights to Phuket Airport are Malaysian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Myanmar Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Vietnam Airlines.

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