Reynisfjara, Iceland


Reynisfjara, Iceland

ReynisfjallReynisfjara is situated in Southern – Iceland and it is a basalt sea stacks (Black sand Beach) situated under the mountain Reynisfjall near the small fishing vill of Vik I Myrdal. Reynisfjara is the most gorgeous black sand beach in the world. Norwegian Viking called Reynir was the first settler in this area. Then Reynisfjara translated to “Reynir’s beach”. Reynisfjall is the mountain of Reynir’s. And there can be found a Reynir’s pillars known as Reynisdrangar in this place. 

In 1991 it was ranked as one of the ten most beautiful nontropical beaches in the world because of its black sand beach. But it is one of the most dangerous tourist destinations Reynisfjara, Icelandas well in Iceland. The bad incident was there were three people have drowned in the past ten years at this beach after powerful sneaker waves knocked them down and sweeping them out to sea. These black sands are very good for people’s skin because they are an excellent ingredient for skin purifying, detoxifying, anti-stress, and protective properties against harmful external agents, increasing the natural defense of the skin. Also, helps to stimulate the natural cell generation for radiant and renewed skin.

Why Reynisfjara beach has black sand because black volcano beach on Iceland’s South – Coast is one of the most stunning and exclusive Black sand Beaches in the world, and the black sands are created by lava flowing into the ocean cooled almost quickly when it touched the water. The volcanic ashes rise the black sand beaches and the molten lava enters the water and then a violent interaction occurs between the hot lava and the seawater. Then suddenly the lava cools down, it breaks into debris and sand instantly.

Since Iceland’s black sand beaches are very dangerous, drive on the beaches is an illegal thing because it will cause damaging the ecosystem of the country. There are three common materials that can be found on these black beaches, namely basalt, andesite, and volcanic glass. The main dominant mineral is Iron in these three materials and which gives rick black coloring to its black sand beaches. Sometimes these black sands are very valuable because in some places there can be seen valuable particulars such as gold, silver, and platinum but not always present in black sands found in every placer deposit.

The capital city in Iceland is Reykjavik and the distance is 180 kilometers to Reynisfjara. Reykjavik city acts as a stopover city for sightseeing tours. To get to Reynisfjara from Reykjavik, can reach via Ring Road and route 215 and it will take 2.5 hours to drive.

Reynisfjara is a famous filming location as well because it appears in many Hollywood movies and well-known TV shows. Those films are Game of Thrones, Noah an epic biblical drama, Star Trek, and Star Wars.

Weather in Reynisfjara

Since Reynisfjara is in Iceland, the same weather pattern involves it and it is having cool windy weather throughout the year. The temperature varies between 10C to 15C. Summers are hot and springs are wet and it does rain occasionally. The coldest month is Reynisfjara in January. Therefore, the best months to visit Reynisfjara in the months of July, August, February, March, September, and October.

Beaches in Reynisfjara

Reynisfjara beaches are almost black and the most unique black sand beaches in the world, and the black sand created by lava flowing into the ocean cooled almost quickly when it touched the water. Reynisfjara is also one of the 21 most beautiful beaches in the world. Also, the beaches are very dangerous tourist destinations in Iceland. Its tidy waves are very dangerous and visitors are advised how to take care of themselves. Drive on the beaches is an illegal thing because it will cause damaging the ecosystem of the country. It is very difficult to find black beaches around the world, and Reynisfjara beach is bearing the number one in place. World-renowned magazines such as National Geographic and the Conde Nast Traveler have listed these beaches as the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

Reynisfjara black beaches are photogenic masterpieces of nature. Reynisfjara, IcelandIn apart from that, these beaches have enchanting pitch-black coast dotted with smooth pebbles and stones. Also, it has enormous basalt stacks, hexagonal-shaped basalt columns. Stunning lava information, towering cliffs, basalt caves, and breathtaking views of stunning stone arches around them. Among these beaches, the famous black sand beach stretches many kilometers from the Dyrholeay stone arches through Reynisfjara, extending up to the small fishing village of Vik. Overall Reynisfjara has become the most favored site, because of its perfectly angular basalt columns, caves, and sea stacks.

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