Salta, Argentina


Salta, Argentina

Salta is in the country of Argentina and it is the most populous city as well as the Capital in the mountainous North – Western Argentina. The Salta city was founded on 16th April 1582 and Became the base by using Spanish conqueror Hernando de Lerma, who supposed the settlement to be an outpost in between the cities of Peru, Lima, and Buenos Aires. Salta is famous for its Spanish Andean heritage and colonial architecture. The total population is 619,000+ and the land area of it is 60 square kilometers. According to the population level, Salta is the seventh most populous city in Argentina. Salta’s elevations are 1152 meters.

Salta city is quickly becoming one of the country’s must-see areas. It is known for its stunning architecture and the city is surrounded by rugged natural landscapes, mountains, vineyards, and valleys.

The city is serving as the cultural and economic center of the Valle de Lerma Metropolitan area. It has some municipalities such as La Caldera, La Merced, San Lorenzo, etc. This is a relaxed and safe colonial town that felt surprisingly homey.

The official currency here was is Argentine Peso and there are three top Salta, Argentinalanguages where people use in the city namely Spanish, English, and Portuguese. Most people are Catholics who live here.

Salta became a commercial and military strategic point between Peru and the Argentine cities, during the war of independence. After the arrival of Italian, Spanish, Arab, Syrian, and Lebanese immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, revived trade and agriculture all throughout the city area while further enhancing the city’s multicultural flavor.Salta, Argentina

There are some attraction places to be visited here such as the French style Museum of Contemporary Art, the neoclassical Cathedral Shrine, the Cabildo (earlier it was the city’s town hall, but nowadays historical museum), the neoclassical Museum of high mountain Archeology, the Colonial Hotel, Ninth of July Plaza, Mitre Street, etc.

Most people in Salta’s enthusiastic sport is football and apart from that locally popular sports are baseball, basketball, volleyball, rugby, and mountaineering. Salta has hosted some high-profile international sporting events such as the 1990 Basketball world cup, 1994 Camel Trophy, 2002 Volleyball world cup, 2009 Hockey Champions Challenge. In 2014 and 2016, The city was used as a stage on the route for Dakar Rally.

The city council of 21 members is governing Salta city. In the 2013 November election, the Workers Party has got 9 seats, the Justicialist party has got 6 seats and other parties have got 6 other seats. The most famous Colleges and Universities here are the National University of Salta, the Catholic University of Salta, and the Faculty of Economics, Law, and Social. The neighborhoods of the city are Castanares, Barrio Caferino, Guemes, etc.


According to the Koppen climate classification, Salta is having a subtropical highland climate with pleasant weather throughout the year. Salta is enjoying 4 distinct seasons. It is warm with frequent thunderstorms in summers and the daytime temperature is between 26C to 28C. In winters it is dry and with very few rain episodes. Nights are very cool and daytime is with a high temperature of 19C. In springtime, it is having sunny weather with warm days and mild nights, and the daytime temperature is between 25C to 28C. Salta city is getting a rainfall of 700 millimeters yearly between December and March and thunderstorms occur almost daily. And the rest of the year can be seen some blue skies. The total of 1863 hours of bright sunshine each year falls to Salta with 5.1 hours of sunshine per day. So far Salta got the highest temperature of 39.9C on 28th November 1972 and the lowest temperature of – 9.4C on 5th August 1966. Therefore, the best time to visit salts is within March and April or September and November where the temperatures are a little cooler, and with less rain as well as landscape is a little greener than usual.Salta, Argentina


Salta is famous for its Spanish colonial architecture and Andean heritage as well as the city is surrounded by rugged natural landscapes, mountains, vineyards, and valleys. When visitors arrived here, they can visit the seven best things around the city. Some of them are the Historic city of Salta, Cerro San Bernardo and Park San Marina, Nightlife in the Calle Balcarce, Wineries in Cafayate, etc.  Most of the tourists arrived here yearly and enjoyed its beautiful sceneries and landscapes. There are some top attraction places to be visited in Salta such as Cuesta del Obispo, Salinas Grandes, Cerro and Bernardo, Anfiteatro Natural, etc. with the best outdoor activities. There are some most popular things to do with kids in Salta such as, visit the Cathedral of Salta, Museo Guemes, Salinas Grandes, Anfiteatro Natural, etc.

Hotels in Salta Argentine

Since the city is a famous visiting place for tourists, the accommodations also can be found at very low costs and hotels are available from 3- star to a luxurious level. Those hotels are categorized as with nice views, with good breakfast, best hotels, good for families and good for couples. Some of the best hotels available near are, Hotel Regidor, Solar de la Plaza, Luxor Hotel Salta, Design Suites Salta etc. There are some hotels that provide highly-rated breakfast for visitors in Salta such as Casa Real Hotel, Alejandro 1° Hotel, and Hotel Boutique Balcon de la Plaza. Also, good for families hotels are Legado Mitico Salta Hotel Boutique, Hosteria del Prado and Solar de la Plaza.

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