Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

Stockholm Archipelago is situated in the country of Sweden, and it is the largest archipelago in the country. Also, it is the second-largest archipelago in the Baltic sea (across the Baltic and Finland). On 12th June 1989, the part of the archipelago was designated as the Ramsar site. There are 24000 islands in the Stockholm archipelago. Some of the major islands are Dalaro, Finnhamn, Grinda, Tynningo, Moja etc. The native name of the archipelago is Stockholm Skarsgard. To get to Stockholm archipelago, firstly to go to the closest island of Fjaderholmarna, which takes 30 minutes boat ride from downtown Stockholm and then take the Waxholmsbolaget ferries to the islands.

The archipelago lies about 60 kilometers to the east. It mainly follows the coastline of the Sodermanland and Uppland provinces with reaching Oja island, south of Nynashamn to Vaddo, north of Norrtajie. Also, the shipping routes from the Baltic to Stockholm pass through this Stockholm archipelago, as well as there are three main entrances there, namely, Landsort, Sandhamn, and Soderarm. Other than the Stockholm archipelago, there are some other more significant towns in the archipelago, such as Nynashamn, Vaxholm, and Norrtalje. There are some visiting places in the larger islands such as Natural harbor at the island Lilla Nassa, Maritime pilot station at Landsort, Sandhamn island, Bastugrundet in ice, The isle of Norra Stavsudda, etc.Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

Stockholm archipelago’s water has a pH value of 7.0 neutral level or slightly lower, to be compared with pH 8.0 for seawater. Sometimes this water gets brownish color, together with humic substances, especially in the inner part, and salinity varies between freshwater and brackish water. In the internal components of every winter, the sea ice is regularly formed in the archipelago.
The Stockholm archipelago has been influenced and fascinated many poets and authors, namely, August Strindberg, Ture Nerman, Roland Svensson, Ernst Didring, and Aleister Crowley. The ABBA Group owners of Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Anderson wrote most of their songs in a cabin located on the archipelago.

The popular activity in the Stockholm archipelago is boating, and the annual races have been organized by the Tyreso boat club every year since 1973. It is opened to everyone with a sailing boat, but pre-registration is required. In the wintertime in the archipelago, skaters make excursions over the ice. It is possible and easy to visit larger islands of the archipelago all year round, but the problem is during the winter period, the routes depend on the ice conditions. There are some tours organized in the archipelago, such as Visit Landsort Island, Stay in a cottage in the archipelago, Hike in the archipelago, and Travel to the Stockholm archipelago.



Weather in Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm Archipelago, SwedenSince the Stockholm archipelago is in the country of Sweden, the weather pattern is also involved as same as Sweden weather. The hottest month is July in the archipelago with a temperature between 68 – 71 degrees Fahrenheit. July also falls in the summertime on the islands. Within winter, the days are dark and very cold and in midwinter days there is no daylight at all. The coldest month is February with a temperature of 29 degrees Fahrenheit and the windiest month is January. Therefore, the best time to visit the Stockholm archipelago is between July in the summertime.

Tourism in Stockholm Archipelago

Since the Stockholm archipelago is having over 24000 islands, there are some cultural trips available for tourists to attract the beauty and sceneries of the island. Kayaking is one of the main activities in the archipelago and it is a unique way to enjoy the area. The day-long tours are open to all abilities, even those who have never kayaked before. Artipelag Varmdo is one kind of exhibition hall where it is having some cultural activities, art demonstrations, architectural exhibitions in which visitors indulge themselves in an artistic ambiance. Some other activities of Hiking, Vikings, counts and Barons, Angso National Park, Camping, Cycling are also available as trips in this archipelago.


 Hotels in Stockholm Archipelago

The most popular cities to stay in the Stockholm archipelago are Saltsjobaden, Nynashamn, and Vado. Stockholm Archipelago, SwedenThere are some best hotels available in these cities from 3- star category to a luxurious level. Some of the best hotels to stay in are Furusund Vardshus, Skargardshotellet, Fredriksborg Hotel & Restaurant, Hotel in Vamdo, Grand Hotel Saltsjobaden, etc. These hotels are again categorized as good for families and good for couples as well, and 125 hotels can be booked online without any cost. The hotels with nice views are, Skeviks Gard, Salno Gard, Fredriksborg Hotel & Restaurant, Nynas Havsbad and Siggesta Gard. The hotels good for families are Furusund Vardshus, Fredriksborg Hotel & Restaurant, Skeviks Gard, Siggesta Gard, Grinda Wardshus etc and good hotels for couples are Furusund Vardshus, Salno Gard, Nynas Havsbad, Siggesta Gard etc.

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