Hurghada, Egypt

hurghada egypt

Hurghada, Egypt

Hurghada (Hurghada, Egypt) is a city and a beach resort in Egypt where stretching 40 kilometers along Egypt’s Red Sea coast. This city was founded in 1905. The modern Sekella district in Hurghada, renowned for Scuba diving, and has fantastic dive shops and schools.  The old town in Hurghada is El Dahar is home to traditional Egyptian coffee shops and souks. In Hurghada, there are many bars, restaurants, and nightclubs to enjoy with. Also, there are some resort hotels are lined with Hurghada’s long stretch of sandy beach. The capital of Egypt is Cairo and Hurghada is situated 466 kilometers away from Cairo. Hurghada, EgyptHurghada has an international airport as well. But there are some main cities near Hurghada such as Luxor, Girga, and Sharm El Sheikh. Living wise Hurghada is a very safe city to live in as there are no crime reports can be seen. Economically wise Hurghada is a place to live without more expenses. Comparing it is 69.51% is less expensive than New York living cost in America.

Hurghada, Egypt’s currency is the Egyptian pound but some places accept dollars and sterling. The famous Great Pyramids are situated in Egypt and people can travel to visit Pyramids by coach from Hurghada. Though it is a long journey, several coaches run at various timings during the day and it will not be a difficult journey at all. There are some vaccinations to be taken before traveling to Hurghada such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Rabies and Tetanus recommended by the National Travel Health Network and World Health Organization. In Hurghada, age below 21 years people are not allowed to take alcohol. Hurghada, EgyptSome of the main restaurants called El Gouna and Sahi Hasheesh are serving alcohol, but they do not allow alcohol to mainly Egyptian customers. Tourism wise Hurghada is a very interesting place to spend the holiday with families and loved ones.

Hurghada weather

The best time to visit Hurghada, Egypt is between April and June and between September and November. These periods are with warm, sunny weather, and the temperature is also bearable. Its average temperature is 21C. July is the hottest month in Hurghada where the average temperature is maximum 39C and minimum 29C. January is the coolest month in there and the temperature is maximum 22C and minimum 12C.

Hurghada Beaches

Hurghada beaches are very entertaining places with golden sands and with less-price hotel accommodations. These beaches are like gates to absolute excitement and fun. There are many sun lounges, bars, spa areas, restaurants available on these beaches, also there are some activities such as snorkeling, diving, scuba diving, swimming, and adventurous safari tours available on these beaches.Hurghada, Egypt

Some of the beaches in Hurghada are Old Vic Beach, Makadi Bay, Emerald Aqua Park, Golden Paradise Aqua Park City, etc. Since Hurghada is a very safe city to live in, people can enjoy their selves having fun a lot at these beaches. To make people happy there are some day tours connecting to these beach activities. There are some hotels available for families and strictly for adults as well. Some of the family hotels are Premier La Reve Hotel and spa, Sahi Hasheesh and some adult hotels are Sunrise Holiday Resort, Meraki Resort.

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