The Pitons, St. Lucia

The Pitons

The Pitons, St. Lucia

The Pitons are located in St. Lucia and it is two mountainous volcanic plugs and volcanic spires. It is also located near the town of Soufriere and on either side of Jalousie Bay. One mountain is Gros Piton and the other is Petit Piton. Gros Piton is 798 meters high and Petit Piton is 743 meters high and both linked by the Piton Mitan ridge.  The Piton’s regions are Latin America and the Caribbean.

There are two towns near the Pitons namely Soufriere and Choiseul and they are in the electoral districts of three and ten. Its total area is 2909 ha and it is a World Heritage Site listed in 2004. The Pitons are 3000 feet high from sea level and people can hike the mountains and it be for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But climb in the Petit Piton without a highly experienced guide is never recommended and climb in the Gros Piton is moderately easy within two hours.The Pitons, St. Lucia

Safe-wise, St. Lucia is the safest place where crime rates are very low. In 2010, there were four incidents happened involving local residents in a quiet and poorly lit area of the Rodney Bay village, and then and there no crimes happened in St. Lucia. Visitors can safely go there and visit and hike the Pitons Mountains. The Pitons’ volcanic complex includes a geothermal field with sulfurous fumaroles and hot springs.

When considering the Gros Piton, it is at the southern end of Pitons Bay. Also, it is the second-highest peak on Saint Lucia after, Mount Gimme. This mountain can be climbed without ropes or any mountaineering experiences. Within several hours people can hike to the summit and return to sea level. There are some local guides available for hire for this purpose, well trained by the Government of St. Lucia with a basic knowledge of the required language common along with tourists and of the medical procedures required in case of common accidents.

The Petit Piton is located in the middle of Soufriere Bay, south of Soufriere and north of Gros Piton. To climb the Petit Piton is not recommended with a highly experienced guide. In 1878, Petit Piton was firstly climbed by, Abdome Deligny. From the peak of Petit Pitons, the islands of Dominica, Martinique, Barbados, and St. Vincent can be seen very clearly.

The Pitons’ marine area 60% covered by coral reefs. A survey has revealed that there are some animals in the Piton mountains. Those are 168 species of finfish, 60 species of cnidarian, including corals, eight mollusks, 14 sponges, 11 echinoderms, 15 arthropods, and eight annelid worms. According to the records of St. Lucia, there are 148 plant species in Gros Piton and, 97 on Petit Piton and intervening ridge with eight rare tree species recorded. In apart from that, the Gros Piton is home to some 27 bird species with 5 endemic birds, 3 indigenous rodents, one opossum, three bats, eight reptiles, and three amphibians.

Weather in the Pitons

Since the Pitons’ located in St. Lucia, the weather patterns are involved with St. Lucia’s weather. December is the hot season and days are hot with balmy evenings. The average daytime temperature is between 22C to 29C. The rainy season is from June to December. In the rainy season, rain forests get more rainfall than the coastal regions of the island. The vacations may seem daunting in the rainy season but the heavy showers will disappear as quickly as they came. Therefore, the best time to visit The Pitons is in the high season from mid-December to mid-April where it gets more sunshine in this period.

Tourism in The Pitons

The Pitons are the most famous The Pitons, St. Luciatourist attraction in the world. Since it is a World Heritage Site, visitors from all over the world come and visit the Pitons yearly. It is famous for its natural beauty, climbing the mountains, hiking the many marked nature trails, etc. Also, there are some low-budget hotels and restaurants are available near the Pitons where visitors can easily find out. There are some tours organized from the Pitons such as Gros Piton Nature Trail, The Tet Paul Nature Trail, Diamond Botanical Garden Tour, Sulfur Springs, etc.

Hotels in the Pitons

There are a lot of hotels available near the Pitons such as, with great views, good for families, romantic hotels, with private balcony, etc. The star categories are 4- star to 5 stars.  Some of the hotels are having, pools, gyms, adult pools, The Pitons, St. Luciaswim-up bars, and free breakfast. Some hotels are very close to the Pitons such as Stone field Villa Resort, Ladera Resort, Ti Kaye Resort and Spa, Villa Beach Cottages, etc. The Romantic hotels near the Pitons are Ladera Resort, Fond Doux Eco Resort, Sugar Beach, etc. The hotels that provide free breakfasts are Stone field Villa Resort, Rabot Hotel from Hotel Chocolat, Ladera Hotel, etc. There are some hotels where good for families such as Fond Doux Eco Resort, Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, and Leisure Inn, etc.

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