Hokianga, New Zealand


Hokianga, New Zealand

Hokianga is in New Zealand and Its full name is Hokianga-Nui-o-Kupe. The meaning of it is “ the final departing place of Kupe”. Kupe is a Polynesia legendary Navigator where after he found the part of the New Zealand coast and later on he returned to Hawaiki the place of embarkation. Hokianga Harbour is around Hokianga city and is also called as Hokianga river and  It is located in a drowned valley on the west coast in the north of the north island of New Zealand. It has been a nest for Europeans and past two centuries some workers have found a home to sheltering shores such as sawmills, shipbuilders, missionaries, traders, farmers, fishers, hippies, and artisans. Hokianga district is very famous in the history of New Zealand. This is a small town wherein the northern west coast extends inwards from the Tasman Sea and is surrounded by the harbor. Hokianga, New ZealandAnd there is a forest called Waipoua Forest where the forest was the home of the famous giant kauri tree Tane Mahuta. There were 1800 Europeans who came first to the district.

The Hokianga is 193 km far away from the main city of Auckland, New Zealand. There are two main domestic airports in namely, Kaikohe Aerodrome and Bay of Islands Airport where travelers have to arrive at the main airport and go by land. Tourism-wise, Hokianga Nui A Kupe is a very beautiful place and Traveler can enjoy their full time there. People can do cycling, sandboarding, fishing, kayaking, swimming, horse riding, and walking in Hokianga. People are normally stopping in Hokianga due to 10 reason events such as walk and tramp, Jump on a Boulder, Board a fishing boat and go catch dinner, Delve into a rock pool, Immerse yourself in Maori history, Sandboard in the Dunes, Hug New Zealand’s biggest trees, hokianga harbourSpot a Dolphin pod or even some Orca, Explore the Mangroves and Do a horse trek along the bench and bush.


The District is surrounded by the Harbour in Northland. It is a very beautiful place to visit. This harbor bears a very fascinating history with both Maori and Europeans and also this is the fourth largest harbor in New Zealand. Maori called it “ the nest of the northern tribes”. The great voyager Kupe made landfall from Hawaiki, his descendants settled in this area.  When you arrive in the harbor you can first see the water flowing in and out between the remarkable headlands. hokianga harbourFor the purpose of thriving waterways, they used commercial waterways.  People do fishing in this harbor and it is famous for fishing. To bring all kinds of fish up the harbor with the powerful current when the tide is running, there is a channel close to the shore. There are two main places for fishing in this harbor namely Hokianga tinny fishing and Crossing the Hokianga Bar in a kayak.

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