Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is in Israel and it is a commercial and cultural capital as well. It was founded on 11th April 1909. According to New York Times, it is called “ The Mediterranean Capital of cool”. Also known as “City never sleeps” because, it is a center for nightlife, cuisine, culture, and liberalism. The city area is 52km x km. Until the Government moved to Jerusalem in 1949, this city was the temporary government center of the state of Israel. Its population is 435,855. Most of them are Jewish people, and the others are Arab and religious Muslims, Christians, or Druze. Its official language is Hebrew and the semi-official language is Arabic. While the recent list mentioned, Tel Aviv was the best city to live in, the Economist Intelligent Units 2019 mentioned it was the ninth most expensive city in the world. Their currency fluctuation was also a high ranking in the city. Israel is an Tel Aviv, Israelincredibly safe country whereas its crime rate is very low. The most tourist places are in Israel are, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, The Negev, Dead Sea, and Galilee also the very safest as always. The main airport is Ben Gurion International Airport where it is located about 45 kilometers northwest of Jerusalem and 20 kilometers southwest of Tel Aviv. Airlines that are flying to Tel Aviv are Oman Air, El Al, United Airlines, and Aeromexico. Between 1920 and 1940 the German – Jewish architects constructed over 4000 Bauhaus-style buildings and immigrated to the city after the rise of the Nazis.

There are some city tours available in Tel Aviv for most Christian people all over the world and they can be pre-booked and enjoy tours. Some of the tours are En Gedi Nature Reserve, Masada National Park, The Dead Sea, Haifa, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, etc. Israel’s current Mayor is Mr. Ron Huldai. Israel’s currency is the Israeli Shekel but American Dollars also be in used within the country.


Here has a long summertime with warm, muggy, arid, and clear and the wintertime is very cool and clear. The temperature normally varies from 49F to 87F and very rarely goes down to 44 F and above 89F. Its winter months are from November to March with some snow in the northern reaches of the Golden Heights and occasional snow in Jerusalem. Therefore the best months for visit here are from March through April and September through November.


This is the best nightlife destination in the European area. It is the safest city, where the crime rate is very low. Tel Aviv NightPeople can enjoy mega-clubs, clubs, bars, and restaurants throughout the nighttime. It is open for 24 hours and people can find bars and clubs all over the city. Tourists also confidently enjoy the nighttime in Tel Aviv with every possible taste and interest. The nightlife here is different from other countries in things don’t tend to get going until late at night, also people do not leave houses before 10 p.m. Their bars only get bust at midnight and some cubs are fully filling up only around 2 am. While some bars stay open until dawn, some clubs continue into the morning daylight tours. These clubs are strict to the drinking age of 18 years and they won’t allow entering the club’s people younger than this age limit. Some famous nightclubs are Radio EPGB, Kuli Alma, and Solo Club. There is no dress code for nightlife and it should be casual especially for men. Some of the nightlife tours are available in Israel such as Sarona Market, Swim in the sea, Dance the night away at The Block Night Club, etc.

 Tel Aviv Museums

Among lots of Museums, there are the 10 best museums available in Tel Aviv. The large Museum in Tel Aviv Museum of Art and Beit Hatfutsot. Tel Aviv MuseumsSmall Museums are Museums of the History of Tel Aviv, The Bauhaus Museum, and The Reuven Museum. Those Museums are categorized as best for kids and families and couples. Some of the best Museums are Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Palmach Museum, The Yitzhak Rabin Center, Beit Hatfutsot, etc and some of the museums where best for kids and families are Joseph Bau House Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Draydel House, Eretz Israel Museum Complex, etc. The museums that are best for couples are Tel Aviv Museums of Art, Palmach Museum, The Yitzhak Rabin Center, etc. There are some cultural trips are available to visit these museums in Tel Aviv.

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