Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Lake Tekapo is a small town in New Zealand. It is located at the southern end of the lake of the same name in the inland South Island of New Zealand. The nearest main city to Lake Tepako is Christchurch in the Mackenzie Basin and it will take only three hours to drive. Christchurch city is 179 kilometers away from Tekapo. The total population of it is 558 and the official currency is New Zealand Dollars.

The lake in Tekapo is the most popular tourist destination with several resorts and hotels. The State Highway 8 runs past Tekapo at its southern end. When visitors go to Tekapo, they can visit the taller snow-capped peaks of Mount Cook Lake TekapoNational Park very clearly on a clear day. Tekapo got this name as Maori people called the area as Takapo which means “To leave in haste at night” but it is called Tekapo now because it is possibly a corruption of Tekapo. Lake Tekapo has an endemic flower called “Lupin Flower” is one of the prettiest and most beautiful one in the Mackenzie country. But these flowers are poisonous which is an irritant to the skin and eyes.

Tekapo’s water is beautiful turquoise blue with a product of the surrounding glaciers. Tekapo’s glaciers in the headwaters grind rocks into fine dust on their journey down towards the lake and then the resulting particulate called rock flour is suspended in the water and causes the magnificent turquoise.

New Zealand’s highest peak is Aoraki Mount Cook which is 3754 meters high and Aoraki National Park is a World Heritage Site. The Mount Cook village is framed by rugged, stunning mountainscapes with 140 peaks that are 2000 meters high and located in Aoraki Mount National Park which is 55 kilometers away from Tekapo.

Lupin FlowerThere are two species of fish in Lake Tekapo namely, Rainbow trout and Brown trout. There is one airport called, Tekapo Airport in the city. There are daily shuttle services operate between Tekapo to Christchurch and Queens town. Some chartered flights are available at locally-based Air Safaris in Tekapo.

There are some main tourist attractions in Lake Tekapo. Some of them are Church of the Good Shepherd, Dark Sky Project, Mount John, Lake Tekapo footbridge, Stargazing tours. Tekapo hot springs are the major tourist attraction in Tekapo with having three hot pools designed for soaking. These pools are designed in the shape of Lake Ohau, Lake Pukaki, and Lake Tekapo. In apart from that, there are two additional pools are designed for children as well and also a splash pad. For skiing, there is a Round hill Ski area which is located on the two-thumb range overlooking Lake Tekapo.

All the government services to Lake Tekapo are provided by The Mackenzie District Council since Tekapo is part of the Waitaki electorate.


Lake TekapoAccording to the Koppen climate classification, Tekapo has an oceanic climate with mild sunny summers and cool winters. Once or twice in the year, it gets snowing in the township. The average temperature varies between 10-12 Celsius degrees. The coldest month is July and the warmest months are January and February. It has 78 rainy days annually with a rainfall of 600 mm. There are 5 ways to play in the winter in Tekapo such as Tekapo springs, Round hill Ski Area, Air Safaris, Tekapo star gazing, and Mount Dobson Ski Area. Therefore, the best time to visit Lake Tekapo is in mid-November to mid-December in the summertime, there are lupin flowers everywhere by the Good Shepherd’s church.


There are some best hotels available in Tekapo with reasonable prices from 3-star hotels to luxurious hotels. Among those hotels, some of them are Lake Tekapo Lodge, Majestic View, Tekapo luxury apartments, The Mackenzie Suites, Tekapo Heights, etc. Hotels can be booked online as well and no cost is involved. The most popular hotel is Peppers Bluewater Resort in Tekapo with 195 accommodation properties. There are some budget hotels as well in Lake Tekapo about 0.4 miles away from the city center. Also, near the budget hotel accommodations, there are two attractions such as Aotea Gifts Tekapo and Petronella’s Gallery and Bookstore where visitors can easily find within 3 miles.Lake Tekapo


Lake Tekapo known for its special attractions such as Mt. Cook, Aoraki National Park, Church of the Good Shepherd, Mount Joh, etc. and its tourism is mostly depending on the attractions. Most of the visitors arrive throughout the year because of its cheap accommodations, activities, etc. Since Lake Tekapo has a mild climate, visitors can enjoy their holidays worthy within Mt. Cook and Lake Tekapo. The tourism income goes to the New Zealand government. All the attraction places are located within walking distance of Lake Tekapo.

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