Laguna Colorado, Bolivia

Laguna Colorado

Laguna Colorado, Bolivia

Laguna Colorado(laguna Colorada bolivia) is in the South American country of Bolivia. It is a shallow Salt Lake in the southwest of the Altiplano. It is also called the “red lagoon of Bolivia”. It’s located within the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve and close to the border with Chile. The total surface elevation is 4278 meters and the total area is 60 square kilometers. The average depth is 0.35 meters and shore lengths are 35km. It has some islands with numerous, sometimes huge borax deposit islands. Laguna Colorado Lake is Bolivia’s most incredible natural wonder.

The lake’s color is amazing bloody red because of the red sediments and algae in the water. Since the lake is on the Altiplano plateau, and also in the Andes mountain range, which is clearly seen on the horizon. Though it is possible to swim in Laguna Colorado, it’s quite muddy and a bit difficult to swim and it will probably end up getting knee-deep in mud before making the way back.

The Laguna lake is a part of the Los Lipez Ramsar wetland. In 1990, the lake was listed as a “Ramsar Wetland of International Importance”. The total site was expanded on 13th July 2009 from 513 to 14277 square kilometers to include surroundings high Andean endorheic, hypersaline and brackish lakes, and associated wetlands called bofedales.Laguna Colorado, Bolivia

It is very easy to access Laguna Colorado. Small villages have surrounded the lake and visitors can spend the night there. Another famous location called salt flat De Uyuni is also situated in this area and there will be a short distance to visit. When visitors arrive at Laguna Colorado, they arrange the tours as a part of a Laguna Colorado, Bolivia4×4 jeep tour. The most popular jeep tours depart from Uyuni and include a guided tour of the Salar de Uyuni salt flats as part of the trip.

Birds’ species like James’s flamingos abound in the Laguna area. Also, there can be seen some Andean and Chilean flamingos’ lesser quantities around the lake. There are only two attractions in Laguna Colorado as Laguna Verde and Mount Nelly. There are some tours operates to Laguna Colorado such as, Day tour to Laguna Colorada, Multi-day tours to Laguna Colorada, Tours from Tupiza, Tours from San Pedro De Atacama, Chile, etc.

There is only one hotel is available near Laguna Colorado namely, Simple Mountain Lodge. It is having the all facility with hot water, electricity, and heating.

laguna coloradaWeather

Laguna Colorado is having cool and mild weather throughout the year and the temperature varies between 15C to 22C. In the summertime, it has a temperature of 22C and in wintertime, it has a temperature of 15C. The hottest month in Laguna is December and the coldest month is July. The wettest month is January and the windiest month is October. Therefore, the best time to visit Laguna is from May to October in the wintertime, because it has blue skies, sunshine, and very little rain.

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