Paris, France


Paris, France

Paris is the capital city of France within the European countries. It is located in northern central France in a north bending arc of the river Seine where the crest included two islands namely ile St. Louis and ile De La Cite. The Seine river’s mouth on the English Channel and is 375km downstream from the city. Paris city is widely spread on both banks of the river. Paris city’s lowest point is 35 meters above sea level and it is a flat city. There are some prominent hills in Paris and the highest hill in Montmartre and it is 130 meters high. Eiffel TowerParis is the second most expensive city in the world. Its prices are driven up by the very high salaries and high real estate prices feed through to real prices. Paris has founded in 259BC after the Parisi a Celtic tribe settled on the banks of the River Seine. In 52BC Romans found a Gallo-Roman town called Lutetia and in the fourth century, the name changed to Paris.

Paris is a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy, and culture. There are some landmarks where display its culture and designs. Those are Eiffel Tower, Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, and Rue Du Faubourg Saint Honore. The total population in Paris is 2.2 million. Its total area has divided into two areas namely Urban and Metro. The urban area is 2853km x km and the Metro area is 18,940km x km. Its current Mayor is Anne Hidalgo. The national flag of France mentioned three main colors, red blue, and white. White is symbolizing the monarchy. Due to the romantic atmosphere in Paris, people call it “ the City of Love”. But Paris’s nickname is “City of Light” because of its leading role during the age of enlightenment and more literally.

Paris city is the very safest city to visit. Sometimes some pickpockets can be seen in tourist areas. But overall it can be taken as a safe city for all. Paris is famous for its visiting places of Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvre Museum, Paris, FranceThe Seine River, Arc De Triumph, and Paris fashion. The official language in Paris is French and the official currency is Euros.

Paris has two international airports, namely Charles De Gaulle and Orly International airport. The Charles De Gaulle airport is the second busiest airport in Europe. There are many international flights are arriving at Paris airports, such as Qatar Airways, Oman Air, Emirates, Kuwait Airways, Etihad Airways, etc. There are some neighborhoods in Paris namely Montmartre, Belleville, Haut Marais, Montorgueil, Canal Saint-Martin, etc.

Paris’s famous sport is football or called Soccer. There are three popular sports in Paris other than football. They are Cycling, Rugby and Tennis. Paris has hosted some international sports events as well within the past centuries.

Weather in Paris

Paris has mostly mild weather throughout the year across four main seasons. July is the hottest month in Paris were having a temperature of 19.8C. The coldest month is January with a temperature of 4.3C. In October only it gets the temperature around 11C throughout the month. In summertime Paris having a temperature of 25C and in wintertime having 8C. Light showers can be seen in the daytime but disappearing quickly. December is the rainiest season in Paris, and it receives snow very rarely. Normally Paris is having 15 snow days a year. Therefore, the best time to visit Paris is from June to August and September to October. Within these two periods, the perfect one is from June to August.

Nightlife in Paris

Paris is very safe at night and people can enjoy the day at night even. It has the best nightlife and never second to other nightlives in the world. From Pigalle to the Latin Quarter time the Paris nightlife and currently Parisian nightlife are the best night lives available in Paris. Like other countries’ nightlives, Paris, FranceParis also having some nighttime attractions such as restaurants, movies, theaters, concerts, and some excursions such as riverboat and Eiffel Tower excursion. People can visit some places at night such as stroll along the Seine river, see a cabaret show, admire the Eiffel tower light show, take a classic Seine river cruise, enjoy a glass of wine in a cozy wine bar, etc. When someone finds where to stay in Paris for nightlife, then the best place is Le Marais place. It is a favorite hangout for the younger generation of Parisians. But some streets are not good for travel alone especially for women and solo travelers. Those streets are Les Halles, Pigalle, Gare Du Nord, Stalingrad and Jaures.

Tourism in Paris

In 2019 Paris received 38 million visitors according to the hotel records. Visitors have arrived from major countries like the United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, and China. There are 393,008 workers in greater Paris or 12.4% of the total workforce are engaged in tourism-related jobs such as catering, hotels, transport, and leisure according to the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau. In 2019 Paris’s top cultural attraction place was the Basilica of Sacre with 11 million visitors. Then descending order of the visited places were Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, the Centre Pompidou, and the Musee “d” Orsay. The most visited monuments in Paris city were Notre Dame Cathedral, Sainte Chapelle, Les Invalids, The Pantheon, Catacombs of Paris, In 1991 UNESCO has listed the banks of the Seine from the Pont de Sully to the Pont “d”lena as world heritage sites.

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