Santiago, Chile


Santiago, Chile

Santiago is the capital and largest city in Chile and sits in a valley and surrounded by the snow-capped Andes and the Chilean coast range. It is also known as Santiago de Chile. In the Santiago Metropolitan region total population is 7 million, but more than 6 million live in the city’s continuous urban area. The city is located in the country’s central valley and it is 500 meters above sea level. The total area of the City is 641km x km. Santiago’s name means, “ supplanter” in Spanish it is Santo and in an old Spanish form of James is Yago. A combination of these two words, it called Santiago.

It is founded on 12th February 1541 by Spanish conqueror Pedro Valdivia. Today Santiago is a world-class city with a cosmopolitan culture and modern telecommunication networks also, the city is the nation’s business, political, cultural, entertainmentSantiago, Chile, and educational center. Safe wise Santiago is the safest city because its crime rate is relatively rare. Also, it is ranked as the safest big city in Latin America. But there are some pickpocketing and bag-snatching occurs rarely and tourists are often targeting.

The country Chile is one of the most expensive and most developed countries in South America. The item prices are very high, so it is not considered a poor country.

The official language is Spanish, but some are speaking English as well and the official currency is the Chilean Peso, and US dollars rarely used. The most popular sport is football in Santiago, but the country’s most successful sport is tennis. The rural area’s most practiced sport is Chilean rodeo and it is the national sport as well.

There is considered rude in Chile where people have to strictly adhere to it. Chile citizens are stand closer to others than most North Americans and Europeans and they considered it rude to back away. The other considered it rude to click your fingers or beckon with an index finger.

Santiago is a worth visiting place because it is a great place to start as it is far more “Westernised” than other destinations on the continent. Also, it is a great place to ease into the South American lifestyle. There are some Chilean special foods used in Santiago and some of them are Pastel de Choclo corn ( casserole with meat stuffing), Empanadas ( pastry filled with meat), Cazuela ( homemade stew with beef, chicken, rice, and potatoes), Asado ( barbecue of beef, pork or chicken), etc.

The city acts as a cultural, political, and financial center of Chile as well as the home to the regional headquarters of many multinational corporations. The judiciary and The Chilean Executive are located in Santiago, but Congress meets mostly in nearby Valparaiso. Santiago will be hosting the 2023 Pan American Games.


Santiago is having a cool semi-arid climate throughout the year and the temperature varies from 38F to 86F and rarely goes below 30F and above 91F. Summertime is warm, arid, and clear. Wintertime is cold and partly cloudy. The hottest month is January with a Santiago, Chiletemperature of 69F, and the coldest month is June with a temperature of 48F. In January it has most daily sunshine at 11. July is the wettest month with an average rainfall of 80 mm. Snowfalls only occur in the Andes and Precordillera areas and are rare in most of the city. Therefore, the best time to visit here is from September to November or March to May as these months mark the spring and fall shoulder seasons.

Santiago Airport

Santiago has an International airport known as Arturo Merino Benitez International airport and a domestic airport called Nuevo Pudahuel airport located in Pudahuel where 15 kilometers away from northwest of downtown Santiago. It is the busiest international airport with the largest aviation facility in Chile. The airport is the hub for LATAM Chile, Jet Smart, and Sky Airlines. International airlines like American Airlines and Delta Airlines directly fly into Santiago airport from the United States of America. From other countries such as Swiss Air, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Sky Airlines, Iberia Airlines, etc. flying into this airport.Santiago, Chile


Santiago, Chile is the most popular destination for tourists in 2010 and it was ranked as the 8th most popular destination within America. The first to seven countries are United States, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. The total number of tourists who entered the country in 2010 was 2,766,000 and the total revenue was USD 1636 million. Among all the other tourist attractions in Chile are the world’s driest desert, spectacular scenery of glaciers and fjords, and the many volcanoes along the Pacific “ring of fire”. There are 10 most attraction places to visit in Santiago such as, La Moneda, Museum of Memory and Human Rights, Gran Torre Santiago, Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino, Cerro Santa Lucia, Mercado Central, La Chascona, Barrio Bellavista, Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral and Cerro San Cristobal. Though Santiago is expensive for tourists, it is easier to have a decent meal for a low cost, and also in safe wise Santiago is a very safest city for tourists and those are some other reasons were affecting tourism high in Santiago.

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