Disko Bay, Greenland

disko bay greenland

Disko Bay, Greenland

Disko Bay is situated on the western coast of Greenland, and it is a very large open Bay. It is constituting a wide southeastern inlet of Baffin Bay. Its native name is tunua in Greenlandic. The coastline which is to the south is complicated with multiple waterways of skerries and small islands in the Aasiaat archipelago. The Bay’s area is 150km north to south and 100km east to west and the average depth is 400meters. The Bay’s water temperature is 3.5C. In wintertime, the temperature of water drops to 1.75C and in the summertime, it rises up to 12C.

Disko Bay is an incredible one where large icebergs meet whales. Disko Bay, GreenlandIt’s known for its experience iceberg, whales, UNESCO World Heritage, Inuit culture, dog sledding, and boat to unforgettable camps.

Disko Bay is the most visited place in Greenland all over the world. The Bay is most famous for its lavish ice Fjord, but there are some more places to be visited other than this. The “Qeqertarsuaq” town in the Bay is the most beautiful scenery with lots of whales.  Visitors can enjoy the sceneries at Aasiaat kayaking mecca, Glacier camp Eqi and Llimanaq Lodge in the Bay. The main attractions in wintertime are dog sledding and northern lights which are the most beautiful.

There are four towns in Disko Bay namely, Ilulissat, Qeqertarsuaq, Qasigiannguit, and Aasiaat. In the north of Disko Bay, there is Uummannaq with a characteristic heart-shaped mountain.

This Bay is experienced with several Whale species. It is guessing that these species are either native to the area or come here in the summer from the Caribbean Sea. When visitor asking a whale-watching safari from any town in Disko Bay, can have a very good experience to see them very closely. These whales swim close to the land and thrive in large parts of Disko Bay. In summer there can be seen some whales on the land of Qeqertarsuaq town and Llulissart Ice Fjord.

There is a very interesting experience happening in Disko Bay and that is dog sleds (Greenland dog). It is a very exquisite place to ride on dogs. Sled dogs and dog sleds are everywhere in the Bay and it is a very exciting experience to go out across the ice or the hills, while the dogs in the front and enjoy pulling the sled. Although the winter tours are very popular in the Bay, because not only the dog’s sled reason, there can be seen some amazing Northern Lights.

A good time to ride a dog in the summertime in Disko Bay. Within the summertime, dog sledding takes place on the Lyngmark Glacier at the top of the island of Qeqertarsuaq, because eternal snow makes it possible to drive in the summer. But be aware that people get wet because the sun’s rays of summer melt the top layer of snow.


Due to the nutrient-rich waters, Disko Bay is home to a wide range of species. It is inclusive of benthic and pelagic fish,Disko Bay, Greenland such as capelin and cod and this will attracts migratory seals such as harp and hooded seal, ringed and bearded seal. During the springtime, this Bay is home to bowhead and humpback whales as well as Pilot, killer whales, and narwhal. Around Disko Bay, on the shores, there can be found some various birds such as gulls, terns, eider ducks, guillemots, kittiwakes, cormorants, and fulmars and as well as animals like arctic foxes, and ptarmigan.


Since Bay is in Greenland, it normally gets the Greenland weather. Greenland has an Arctic climate with an average temperature of 10C maximum in the warmest summer months. It has a good air quality among the best in the world. It is one of the coldest countries in the world. Throughout the year, it has below zero degrees Celsius. The country is surrounded by seas that are either permanently frozen or chilled by cold currents. Disko Bay in Greenland is having four distinct seasons and most travelers are visiting in the summer and winter months. Therefore, the best time to visit Disko Bay is from June to September in summer and from February to late April in wintertime.


This is the most visited place in Greenland all over the world. The Bay is most famous for its lavish ice Fjord, Disko Bay, Greenlandbut there are some more places to be visited other than this. There are some places to visit in Disko Bay such as Knud Rasmussen Museum, Zion’s Church, Qasigiannguit Museum. Disko Bay is operating some city tours in summertime and wintertime. Some of them are Fire and Ice tour, East and West tour, Frozen West, Best of the West, Disko Classica, Hearts of the Inuit, etc. These tours are very much expensive, but visitors can enjoy their holiday by spending the time in Disko Bay and it is a lot earning to the country of Greenland.

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